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I have been noticing a lot more plus much more jewelry stores throughout the US beginning to concentration only on social media marketing, a class of business enterprise that when was not considered becoming really serious, not to mention needing a full-time, specialized section for it. But now a lot more than in the past, with brick & mortar retailers closing regularly, it is those merchants that are developing their Instagram pages, revamping websites, setting up e-commerce shops, as well as holding down their brick & mortar suppliers, that are rising above the rest and doing better than ever before!

NewTw!st has done just that and much more! Their website silver bracelet for womenhas been recently redesigned, giving it a user-friendly experience with lots of dynamic photos of product, and they’ve taken on their Instagram account full-force by having the most colorful, stop-in-your-tracks photographs. NewTw!st carries some unique designer jewellery and I love how the photos capture the personality of each piece in the way that it deserves. Playful earrings spread out in an almost delicious way, ring stacks that are well considered out, jewelry groupings that are color-coded and pleasing to the eye…their expertise in merchandising reaches far beyond an in-store jewellery display.

I’m hoping to get a chance to visit NewTw!st in person-located in Eugene, Oregon up in mens rings fashionthe Pacific Northwest. Hopefully soon enough! In the meantime, you’ll be like me and totally enjoy following on Instagram

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