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Bactericidal Soothe the nerves Ward off evil spirits, The benefits of wearing silver are endless

Silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect and are very beneficial to the human body. It not only has economic value, beautiful appearance, but also can be used as a poison test tool. The ancients said that silver is accompanied by health and wealth. This is not only because of its precious metal, but in medicine, it is more effective in human health than gold. Silver can be used to detect whether food is poisonous or not, because silver can chemically react with many toxins, making the silver black, which is easy to identify with the naked eye. We can occasionally see the use of silver needles to test for toxicity in ancient films. In BC, the ancients knew that silver could accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, purify water and preserve freshness. It can prevent the growth of bacteria, calm the five internal organs, calm the mind, stop palpitations, and eliminate evil spirits.

Silver has an excellent sterilization effect. General antibiotics can only affect 6 kinds of germs on average, but silver can kill 650 kinds of germs. The thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent among all metals. It can quickly radiate heat from the blood vessels. If the thermal conductivity of silver is 100, then gold is 53.2, iron is 11.6, and platinum is 8.2. This distinctive thermal conductivity quickly reduces the heat in the blood vessel and has an excellent curative effect in preventing various diseases. Silver has the function of absorbing toxicity, which is one of the reasons for its discoloration. This discoloration is only a surface reaction and can be eliminated with toothpaste or medicine. This shows that the importance of silver to health cannot be ignored.

The history of silverware production is very long. Because of its preciousness, it was once used by the upper class. Therefore, the shape and workmanship are often more sophisticated. It also seems to be a symbol of the quality of life. The charming brilliance and gentleness, Wen Wan, It’s like the true and pure elegant life. Perhaps because of its preciousness, people always use gems, ivory, precious woods, enamels, crystals, etc. with silverware to create beautiful visual effects.

Silver jewelry is not price based on weight. It can be very cheap or extremely expensive. It is all designed and handcrafted. Therefore, the only criterion for choosing silver jewelry is whether you love it or not.

High-quality silverware can be passed on from generation to generation. There is no show off, only introverted, no shabby, only vicissitudes. Both the manufacturer and the user hope to regain the long-lost elegance in peace and gentleness, and life can slow down and let you come. Fine taste.

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