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Cherished Stones: nineteen twenties Gemstone Postcards with the British Museum

I often wander off in Pala International’s “Gemformation” – a collection of newsletters that arrives out regular monthly and is particularly compiled and backdated on their site. A great deal important info, significantly real silver earringsof it straight from your desk with the infamous Bill Larson, world-renowned gem and mineral skilled. For anyone who is unfamiliar I really advise reading through his story-book bio on his website, it’s cheap necklacesfascinating to say the minimum!

Inside the July 2016 version, I had been very gaga around the collection of gemstone postcards established by the British Museum. The tale goes, “According to a story by postcard-collector John Taylor inside the Jan/Feb 2009 version of Rocks & Minerals, these cards were printed in about the nineteen twenties by Waterlow & Sons. The firm was an engraver of currency, postage stamps, and stock and bond certificates. James Waterlow’s son Sydney (1822-1906) eventually became Sheriff in the City of London, during which time he was knighted, and later became that city’s Lord Mayor.”

Each one is a piece of art and the colors are magnificient. Thanks to Invoice Larson for digitizing these within the best way possible. There are forty cards total, all of which can be seen here. I’ve included quite a few favorites in this blog post-it was hard to narrow down my absolute favorites!

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