Welcome to Silver Ring Shop
Welcome to Silver Ring Shop

Do not leave home to clean the jewellery and make the jewellery look new Gold jewelry

  1. Put a small amount of soap in the water (a few drops are fine), or homemade soapy water is also fine.


  1. Put the gold jewelry in and soak for 5-15 minutes.


  1. Then gently scrub the surface of the jewelry with a soft brush.


  1. Wipe clean with a soft cloth again, do not leave any water stains! Then, your jewelry will look new~


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Silver products are the most easily oxidized and black jewelry. It didn’t take long to find that it became dirty


Gentle cleaning method that does not damage silver products


Suitable for some precious jewelry or antique silverware.

  1. Add hot water, baking soda and soak in the container.


  1. Dip the diluted detergent with a sponge/soft cloth and clean it repeatedly until the “black” on the surface disappears.


The reaction may be slower, pay attention to keep the water temperature or soak several times~


If it is ordinary silver jewelry or silver living utensils, you can directly wipe with bright silver cloth (bright silver cloth has a certain polishing effect)


Teach everyone a little trick


Jewelry that you don’t wear often can be wrapped in paper towels and put in a small plastic bag to effectively prevent silver jewelry from oxidation and blackening




  1. Wipe off the dust on the pearl with a soft cloth, you can use a glasses cloth~


  1. Wipe with soapy water




Sweat stains: If there are sweat stains on the jade, soak it in cold water first, then hot water~


Oil stains: If the jade is stained with oil, use soapy water or detergent

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