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First Miami Antique Display 2017

The biggest alter this 12 months: the new location-the Miami-Dade County Expo Middle the place the reasonable transpires on a yearly basis

Remaining: I always flock to Lucy Verity for her jewel box of treasures-both her initial antique displays and prosperity of data, paired with her hilarious demeanor always gives me excellent electricity. Correct: The back again of the pocket view that i wish I would’ve acquired!

Remaining: Spiders creep me out, but this necklace is on the diverse level! I like it! Correct: A box of candies has absolutely nothing on this box of Jogani jewels!

Stopped by DK Bressler to “oooh & awe” and this made my heart beat faster! A very early piece with unique fitted box.

These case photos give me life and make me excited for next yr!

Still left: We felt amethyst was a huge sensation at the antique show-this relatively inexpensive stone will be trending for sure. Suitable: Rows of mourning rings from Spare Room Antiques are constantly so interesting and never macabre.

Still left: I couldn’t tell you how many amazing pieces Mary Anntiques had, so if I had to narrow it down to only two, it would be this carved emerald cameo and lapis ring. Right: I zoomed in on the ring I had been trying to track down for forever-but the booth was busy and I was leaving!

Insane diamonds found at Dover Jewelry-the one on my pointer is nearly 20 carats! This will probably be with a celebrity’s finger in the future…just wonder which one?!

Left: Died for opals at the show-especially this brooch from Gold Hatpin. Suitable: Ah, this ring. Fit like a glove and is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. From Select Antique Jewelry.

Still left: All three of these rings are over-the-top perfect! From Poli Trading Company. Suitable: If these earrings were just a littttttle lighter, they would be my forever pair. Lapis and the unique gold work is to-die-for.

More case photos, just teasing you with all the goodies!

Brooke of Arrow & Anchor Antiques, myself and the lovely Lenore Dailey. Her booth is generally bustling with fans and friends who have so much enjoy for her!

Still left: Some amazing rock crystal figas from D & E Singer Inc.-the one on the remaining is now in the hands of Vada Jewelry! Appropriate: Clayton Antiques normally has some of the most unique rings-lots of opals and dying for the turquoise and pearl navette one!

Still left: Some pretty emeralds from Gold Hatpin-I really like the mix of styles here and showing how they can all work together just because of the common gemstone. Suitable: Ok, this necklace was insane-the opals are doublets though but the style of it and the long hand-made chain made it incredible.

If my manicure had a spirit animal, it would be this ring from DK Bressler. So gorgeous.

Left: I really like seeing Michael Goldstein and all his incredible diamonds-like this major portrait rose cut. Appropriate: Loving the style on Madeline who works at Haig’s of Rochester-the arm party, the solid gold Kieselstein choker and you can’t see her earrings in this picture, but they are amazing!

Still left: Something about these earrings made me stop and stare. Suitable: Nutty for navettes; all from Jacob’s Estate Jewelry.

More case photos-you silver earrings for menmay recognize the one on the still left being Lenore Dailey’s because of how vibrant and gorgeous it is!

Remaining: Excalibur Jewelry had this cool opal butterfly wing necklace-you could actually make the wings flutter, it was articulated. Suitable: Spotted a piece from Jewelry Nerd at a booth manned by Art Adorned. Loved looking at everything!

Still left: I begged to buy the case but got shot down. Vintage and antique ring cases are my weakness. Right: This necklace is just WOW.

Left: This mourning ring features an urn-a highly collectible motif and it was just in the most immaculate condition. From Clayton Antiques. Appropriate: Another piece that is a great example of portrait jewelry-seems like I’ve only seen pieces like this in books.

Let’s settle in while I come off my Miami high. I normally get so, so excited about the Primary Miami Antique Display and this year had even more built up about it since a few things were unique. For one, the greatest alter being the location of the show-entirely unique, at the Miami-Dade County Expo Center, a cool 30-40 minute drive from its usual location. The brand new digs had a lot of people frustrated because us antique lovers usually hate alter…we have our traditions, our rituals, our hotel we stay at yearly, our restaurant down the street that we go to every year…so unfortunately many people didn’t come this year because of this and I’m sad to say they missed out. This was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Another change, for me at least, was the amount of days I spent at the demonstrate. In the past this best engagement ringswas usually a quick trip in which I got one full day and a few extra hours the following day before I had to leave and go back again home. You can never fully enjoy a clearly show of this magnitude if you constantly feel like you’re racing against the clock. This calendar year I stayed three full days at the clearly show and am so glad I did. The last modify was something I had remembered my dad saying to me-which I quoted him from last year’s blog post-it was in regards to how much money I was bringing to the present. Last yr I didn’t bring very much and he told me”That’s like going to a casino to gamble and bringing a twenty!” So this year I had been saving my money and sold quite a few pieces of jewelry to reinvest.

I don’t think the weather could have been any better as well-that weekend was warm and sunny, to the point in which I was contemplating moving to Florida. The new location had three main buildings: one large building which housed the Arnold & Fuchs Halls-two very large sections of booths, the second building housed Edwards Hall, and the third building which wasn’t connected but not too far housed the Pavilion. As you may have guessed, walking was even more involved than before because how spread out everything was, but you only noticed it once you got back to your hotel room and were falling asleep as soon as you sat down. After attending the present for five years and getting used to in which certain dealers were located and things like that, I have to admit I was struggling the first day. By the second day though, I had already relearned the floor plan and off to a great start. It actually did have a few benefits to being in a whole new layout and location because I looked at everything with fresh eyes. The two pieces I purchased for myself were from dealers I had never worked with or seen before, so I was really happy.

Jewelry highlights of the year?! The buzz around the present could be summed up into a few words shared by quite a few people I talked to; “wow this 12 months is really fantastic, so many great pieces of jewelry.” And I couldn’t agree more. It seemed like each individual booth had several really special items and highly sellable pieces. This 12 months I thought it would be smart to caption my photos above, so you can not only see all my jewelry highlights but know in which each is from-just in case you see something that strikes your fancy you can at least attempt to contact the dealer.

What did I bring home from the show?! Oh man. I went overboard this calendar year, so I feel like that should be a separate blog post. But if you’re too eager to find out, you can click here. I revealed my finds on Instagram. I will blog the details later and be sure to follow @rlnjpiqfesva on Instagram where by I will be listing a couple items for sale!

Again, I will be counting down the days until next year and so funny to read last year’s post and see how it says which i hope to stay longer and bring more money next time. I’m glad these posts are keeping me accountable and are like my virtual diary entries. Cheers to next year!!

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