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Jewelry knowledge What good luck is hidden behind your birthstone

Each month has its own representative birthstone (BirthStone), and each has a different symbol and meaning. Can bring luck and blessing to myself



  1. January Garnet-Woman’s Stone

January is garnet, representing chastity, friendship, and loyalty. The top variety in the garnet family is demantoid, but few people know that its brilliance and rarity are more than diamonds.


  1. February Amethyst-Stone of Honesty


February is amethyst, symbolizing honesty and peace of mind. Because it contains iron, it presents a hazy psychedelic purple, so it has been loved by the emperors and nobles since ancient times.


  1. March Aquamarine-Stone of Courage


March is aquamarine, symbolizing composure and bravery, happiness and longevity. Aquamarine has a quiet blue like sea water, gentle and transparent.


  1. April Diamond-Eternal Stone

April is a diamond, symbolizing chastity and purity. Diamond is known as the king of gems. It is the hardest gemstone and the most well-known gemstone species.


  1. May emerald-the stone of life


May is the emerald, symbolizing the stone of happiness. Emerald is the king of green gems and is one of the top five gems. The style of emerald is mysterious and changeable, suitable for girls of all ages


  1. June Moonstone-The Stone of Love


June is the moonstone, symbolizing wealth, happiness, and nobility. People think that wearing moonlight can bring good luck. Indians regard it as a “sacred stone.”


  1. July Ruby-the stone of love


July is a ruby, symbolizing passion, love, and dignity. The pigeon blood red produced in Myanmar is the best among rubies, and it is the dream of all gem collectors to be able to collect a pigeon blood red.



  1. August Peridot-the stone of happiness


August is peridot, which symbolizes happiness and happiness for husband and wife. Peridot is regarded by pirates as a token of war and jade


  1. September Sapphire-Stone of Destiny


September is sapphire, representing kindness, honesty, and virtue. Cornflower sapphires produced in Kashmir are extremely rare and the most precious among sapphires. Lotus corundum is also famous for its rare pink-orange color, which is the most precious variety among non-blue sapphires.


  1. October Tourmaline-the stone of evil spirits


October is tourmaline, to ward off evil spirits and improve interpersonal relationships. This gem has the seven colors of the sun’s rays.


  1. November Opal-Lucky Stone


November is Opal, which symbolizes joy, happiness, and a blessing in disguise. Each Australian opal has a unique color-changing effect and is revered as an Australian national treasure.


12  December Turquoise-The Stone of Success


December is turquoise, representing victory, good luck, and success.


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