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Moonstone Monday: Consider the Moonstone Obstacle!

I have a few rings that attribute moonstone: clover ring from Extravagant Flea Antiques, cluster ring set with a person substantial moonstone surrounded by Montana Sapphires from Lang Antiques, & cluster ring established with a center garnet from Diamond Addiction

1 of my favorite moonstone finds on Etsy: Athena cameo from Otherwise Engaged

Absolutely obsessed with this ring from Victoria Sterling on Ruby silver anklets for womenLane & this moonstone cluster from Ellen Ring

I’m usually really good about keeping my jewelry clean and organized, neatly putting away what I’ve worn each day back in its place before bedtime. That has NOT been the case these past few weeks! My piles of worn jewels began to stack up-one on the dresser and the other on my nightstand. cheap jewelryIt got out of hand when I opened up my jewelry box and it looked bare! So I turned on some good music and started to put each item back, a person by a person. This led to some reorganizing and of course, purging (hence why I added some pieces to @cybvuomdhizw).

Whenever I reorganize my jewelry box, I sharpen my aesthetic and narrow my taste. I also notice things I don’t normally notice if I were to keep everything in the same place every time. This particular time I noticed my moonstones glistening in the sunlight. I only very own 3 rings that function moonstone, but they are surely my favorites! I decided to gather all 3 for a photo (above) and enjoy the enchanting gemstone for what it is all at once.

I’m asking you to do the same: gather all your moonstone rings and jewels you possess and snap a photo. Post it on Instagram and tag #MoonstoneMonday and tag @cybvuomdhizw in the photo! I’ll post some of my favorites! I also picked some of my favorite moonstone pieces that are currently online for sale! See above! Happy Monday!!

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