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Must-Have Preserve Harmless Co Allure Holder by Jessie V E

While the long term unintended effects from COVID are still unfamiliar, a significant impression from quarantine for jewelry lovers has surely been Attraction OVERLOAD. Gathering charms for some of 2020 continues to be the only action that has offered me some happiness and i’ve created up very the gathering! When you are appropriate there with me, I’ve acquired one thing you are going to like. It really is on the list of newest items from the favored jewellery designer of mine, Jessie V E (who helps make the constellation ring I use the many time).

The piece is usually a Keep Secure Co. Appeal Holder, encouraged by antique safes (believe of your ones that experienced brass fingers since the main cope with, outdated & dusty, but usually filled with treasures) and influenced by the designer’s need to retain a few parts locked on for life. What was born from this idea is the coolest appeal holder that features a hand and cheap wedding ringsdeal with – a definite nod to antique, with a touch of modern it-girl. It comes in two sizes, small or large, which I have it in the small size (shown here).

When creating jewellery out of items you’ve collected over the years, there’s an overwhelming satisfaction of it all coming together. With the Keep Safe and sound Co. Appeal Holder, the charms you choose to add to it totally depend on you! You can tell a neck chain for menstory with them or pick a theme to go off of. The charms can either be clipped on or soldered on with jump rings and done by a jeweler (similar to a attraction bracelet or necklace). Each comes with a bolt spring ring, so you happen to be able to attach bits and bobs without them being permanent. Jessie says, “We want to bring back the ritual of taking a new attraction to your local jeweller and having it soldered on. We are all about nostalgia with this a single.”

I have spent some time with mine and just trying to decide which charms I want to put on it! Help me decide. I’m thinking either:

– a theme of fingers since it is actually a motif I collect and the charm holder itself features a hand

– or the super gemmy route with gemstone charms and adding lots of colors

Which do you believe?!

You can purchase a Preserve Harmless Allure here.