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My Jewel Box: Dendritic Agate Rings from My Pennsylvania Highway Trip

I form of fell in like with dendritic agate though I was out in Pennsylvania on my highway wedding ring sets for womentrip-not certain if it had been due to the rolling hills or maybe the amount of land free of charge of structures which i encountered although there, nevertheless it was plentiful. The main one that started off everything may be the rectangular ring spotted while visiting the MaeJean Classic sisters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The women experienced a lot eye sweet to look at, but for a few cause that ring was contacting my name. What’s more, it really should be explained that my close friend Jenn of @otclnaqjfsiv was texting me the night ahead of demonstrating me her new moss agate ring, and she or he had outlined which i didn’t have any myself (says a girl who is aware of my jewelry box just as a great deal as her possess ;)) And she or he was correct! I like moss and dendritic agates, just in no way targeted in on discovering any or none have struck me ample to obtain.

The rectangular dendritic agate ring decided to arrive residence with me from MaeJean Classic, but not with no obtaining some fascinating data that the sisters dug up regarding the piece! I really like how passionate both of those Amanda and Laura are-they do not just achieve a list and sell it, they realize it, investigate it and teach other folks. There’s a lot to be explained by treating your company this fashion and so much far more expansion comes out of it. The ladies seen a few additional letters immediately after the 10k hallmark to the ring. The letters M S followed 10k which piqued their interest-they experienced to find out what that M S stood for! After looking into, they found that M S means the organization Miller-Steinau which was dependent in Portland, Oregon and specialized in jewellery produced from authentic moss agate, petrified wood, & rock crystal quartz. How cool!

The next day I used to be about the road again, this time headed to Grove City, PA. When you walk into Joden Jewelers, you immediately realize you haven’t planned enough time for all the amazingness that is in a person store. I used to be ideal. Just after touring the store and trying on tons of jewellery, speaking with the owner Joe and listening to his fun stories, I had only a couple spare minutes to make some tough decisions-what to bring household with me?! My dendritic agate kick kept going, as I chose two more-these though had different shapes, 1 elongated oval and the fashion earrings onlineother a skinny navette that was very long. It wasn’t until I had been in the car headed back dwelling to Tennesse that i realized all three rings experienced the exact same shoulders. Could it be, they were all made by the same company-that company in Portland, Oregon?! Turns out the elonged navette also says 10k M S but the other does not. The oval is stamped 10k on equally sides of the ring, which I find odd, and the font is totally different.

These rings are definitely attention-grabbing and fun to wear. I especially love how they are easy to access, as they aren’t hard to learn there and are inexpensive for fine jewelry. I think it is important to obtain a moss or dendritic agate that has a cool and unique pattern of inclusions. Thanks MaeJean Vintage and Joden Jewelers to the newest members of my personal collection!