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My Jewel Box: Gold Marquise Ring by Sharon Z Jewellery

It had been enjoy at the beginning look when scrolling by my Instagram feed. Isn’t really that a little something you listen to fairly usually now?! Terms a single would’ve in no way of considered to utter a couple of decades in the past. Instagram is definitely the place to tumble head around heels for jewelry…even clothing, components, food stuff…someone’s existence! I initially laid eyes on the gold Marquise ring created by Sharon Z Jewelry even though browsing by way of my feed. San Francisco-based jewelry boutique Zaver & Mor posted a photo featuring four of these rings-one in 14k gold, two in oxidixed silver and gold, and 1 in silver. I was immediately drawn to the gold just one, with the design being so boldly eye-catching. I added the ring to last holiday season’s popular hashtag #gemgossipwishlist and as with any item on that list, I truly hoped to own it 1 day.

That day has finally come! Adding this ring to my collection and owning anything from Sharon Z Jewellery is like taking a piece of her creativity into your own everyday living. When I wear the ring, I immediately can see and feel what inspires her handcrafted works of art-things like geometric lines, free-flowing energy, and modern architectural elements. Sharon says, “Jewelry could be the a single art form that people interact with directly on a daily basis. It connects the wearer and the maker in a tactile and sensual relationship. This intimacy with art is what most interests me.” She is totally right. The wearer and the maker become connected on a unique level. Although I’ve never ever met Sharon in person before, I seemingly understand her a bit by her pieces she handcrafts. This can only be said for designers who hone their craft and put their heart and soul into each piece. I can tell, this is apparent silver ringsin Sharon’s everyday life.

I mixed the organic shape and flowing lines of the gold Marquise ring by Sharon Z Jewelry with some vintage favorites-even a Victorian garnet stickpin I converted into a ring myself by bending the stick into the best hoop-shape possible without any tools! The makeshift ring added a splash of richness with the garnet hues and bright green enamel leaf. Being such a bold design, the brushed gold 925 silver ringof the Marquise ring lends a softness to it, which made it ideal to pair it with the muted blush color of angelskin coral. I’m excited to see what else I can mix and match this ring with, even though it is amazing on its own I like creating some unexpected combinations. I will definitely treasure this ring forever!

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