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Welcome to Silver Ring Shop

My Jewel Box: JCK Vegas Antique Demonstrate

The JCK Vegas jewellery show was astounding, and even silver thumb ringthough the principal objective was to get for Walton’s Antique Jewellery where by I do the job, it would certainly be a disgrace if I failed to acquire just about anything for myself! I believe it is really not possible to go there with out shopping for a little something on your own when you like antique jewelry. This year’s present was on the Paris lodge, which is gorgeous and truly set the phase for the 1000’s of pieces of antique jewelry getting exhibited there. Underneath are 3 pics I took with my apple iphone of a few different booths that caught my eye. Exhibitors that utilized aged, antique bins with prosperous, velvety colours definitely stood out to me-it built the antique jewelry a lot more fascinating when displayed that way.

Under are my three purchases: two rings along with a pendant.

The very fashion ringsfirst ring is definitely an 18k yellow gold snake ring with enamel and ruby eyes. It truly is through the nineteen sixties and most probable of Italian origin. The ring coils all over my finger properly.

The next photo may be the Victorian pendant which i purchased from Roy Rover Antiques. Roy will take antique skulls manufactured from bone and reinvents them by using Victorian items and incidentals, and introducing diamond eyes for the skulls. It is really momento mori by using a twist. His items are all primary and one of a kind, so you might have a person to by emailing him at roy.rover.jewelry@nazdsprhkflv.com

One other ring which i bought within the demonstrate is this Edwardian diamond and pearl ring. The diamonds are little rose cuts set on a platinum best with yellow gold. The lady who sold the ring to me had the best rings on, I’d to get a picture for Display ME YOUR RINGS. It will be in the subsequent segment, so glance out for it!