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My Jewel Box: Turquoise + Yellow Gold Explosion #LoveGold

I want to blame the very fact that Turquoise is one of December’s birthstones, as to why I’ve been with a turquoise and yellow gold rampage! Most month’s have one gemstone, but for what ever purpose, December has 3?! Other than turquoise, zircon and silver bracelet for mentanzanite also are committed to the month of December. I might love to make turquoise the formal birthstone and with any luck , my increasing collection will help establish why. Even though plenty of people affiliate turquoise with Southwestern jewelry, they may be missing out about the great thing about turquoise blended with yellow gold! This was generally done during the Victorian Era, which applies to my selection of 6 rings. Two of which have stunning engravings within the within shank, that are close to and pricey to me! Here is more details about every one:

14k yellow gold Victorian turquoise & diamond ring, engraved Vota Vita Mea, Alice meaning My life is devoted… from the Las Vegas Antique Jewellery Show

14k yellow gold turquoise and seed pearl ring, from Walton’s Antique Jewelry

14k yellow gold buy earrings online cheapbeveled cut turquoise and seed pearl ring, from eBay

14k yellow gold turquoise and pearl clover ring, from eBay

14k yellow gold turquoise and pearl cluster ring, engraved Flo August 15, 1903, from Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta

14k yellow gold turquoise and pearl hinged ring, features five very thin bands held together by the navette shaped part, from eBay

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