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My Tiny Aspect Venture

As I usually peruse eBay for antique jewelry that catches my interest-I stumbled on the above pendant. For many explanation it struck a chord with me and necessary to generally be in my jewellery box. I was let down to determine that the portrait is encased in sterling silver. Not a lover fashion earrings onlineof sterling. I then got the idea of turning this pendant into a minor side undertaking, by getting a jeweler to chop and remove the silver and produce a 14k placing for your round portrait. Unfortunately, each individual jeweler I went to was not keen to take the chance of chopping the silver, as it could consequently harm the antique portrait. So, as for now, the portrait-pendant hangs out within a vintage dish that is definitely filled with treasures and keepsakes of mine.

Data about the pendant: avery uncommon painted enamel portrait of King George IV given that the Prince Regent “after” a portray bySir Thomas Lawrence, painter to the courtroom. Sir Thomas Lawrence is consideredEngland’s “greatest portrait painter.” He was appointed the President to the Royal Academy in 1820.

vintage buttons from the ’80s,

old lockets (two birds etched locket was my grandma’s),

polished garnets,an opal & sterling silver rings for womena wheat penny in a golden heart box