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Necklace Stories: 4 Figas, 4 Other ways

Don’t forget that point I decided to make a different Year’s Resolution in which I can only obtain a person ring per 30 days for your entire yr?! Yeah, I do far too…I, like, just manufactured wedding ring sets for womenthat resolution and i presently need to crack it. cheap diamond ringsBut I need to not falter, I have to resist temptation. Oddly adequate, other pieces of my jewellery collection are expanding!Hmmm…weird how that actually works! For instance, I bought a brooch. I purchased a curb-link necklace (photograph is of it twisted into a makeshift ring, because I am unable to assist it, ring obsessed). I have even strung a ring onto a gold chain and produced just one of my most favorite necklaces ever (that way it would not count as remaining a ring if it is worn as a necklace)! Yes, definitely loving my new Charlton & Lola Japa ring-a 14k gold ring that features nine sacred gold balls elevated off the main band. When the Japa ring is worn on the finger, it can easily be turned with just the flick of the thumb, becoming an aid in meditation, a soulful piece of gold. This is one particular of those pieces that you just fall in love with, both the design and comfort of the piece, and end up wearing daily. The Japa ring built me start looking into my necklace and charm assortment. I began to pull favorite charms and started to create mini-vignettes of charms that complemented one particular another. Hope you enjoy!

Necklace A single: a person malachite figa (from James McHone Jewellery), just one St. Anthony medallion (passed down to me by my dad), just one green enamel dangling fish (passed down to me from my mom who was gifted it by my grandma after a trip to Italy)

Necklace Two: a single figa with gold nails and gold bracelet (!!) (from James McHone Jewelry), one particular Italian horn pendant (passed down to me by my dad), a single Victorian heart padlock (from eBay), a single Fox & Bond Mini (from Fox & Bond, engraved with my wedding date)

Necklace Three: the necklace is actually a Y-necklace which I experimented with adding charms to and that i love how it looks with charms (from Bea Millen), a person Japa ring (from Charlton & Lola), one amethyst figa charm (from James McHone Jewelry), and one Amor heart charm (from Pasquale Bruni)

Necklace 4: a single rose quartz figa charm (from James McHone Jewellery), a single Edwardian carved mother of pearl religious medallion (from where by I used to work), one particular gold heart key (gift from my grandma after she got back from Italy)