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Obsession Gold Antique Date Rings

Like they always say, it just begins with just one! That “one” was the 1922 date ring shown about the Eden Collective’s Etsy shop, and for many rationale I fell in enjoy with it. I observed I was starting to don it daily, stacking it with other Victorian rings that complemented it…or simply just wearing it by itself. As one sterling silver bracelets for womenparticular who protests men and women who dress in exactly the same rings daily, I had been beginning to understand this was a lot more than only a ring I liked-it was the complete idea powering day rings and whatever they commemorated which i beloved. As an appraiser, courting jewellery we usually use the time period “circa” this means roughly. If I’m stating that a bit of jewellery is circa nineteen twenties, I’m that means that it shows properties in the early Art Deco Period, and was designed anywhere from 1920-1929. Engravings give precise clues that assist tremendously with circa courting, and day rings are rather equivalent in that component mainly because it suggests an exact year. That concept is fairly amazing to me-I can glimpse at my 1937 day ring and understand that it commemorates that exact 12 months!

The thriller of such date rings lies in what really is becoming commemorated. Most are course silver forest earringsrings and depict the year by which graduation was concluded. Some are from world’s fairs from that exact calendar year or had been created to celebrate a milestone. Many others ended up kind of the memento with the New Yr. The collector in me hopes and needs to gather a single from every single year-sort of a problem and exciting mission to entertain my latest ring selection. Up to now, I’ve gathered 9 date rings and a few overlapping dates which I am willing to trade with any one who may have a day which i really don’t have however! Here’s the ones I’ve; a few are proven over:

1894, from eBay

1907, from James McHone Jewelry

1910, from eBay

1918, from James McHone Jewelry

1919, from James McHone Jewellery

1922 (x2), within the Eden Collective & James McHone Jewellery

1923 (x2), from Erie Canal Collectors & James McHone Jewelry

1929, from James McHone Jewelry

1937, from eBay

If you have any day rings, feel free to share yours with me! I’d adore to see! Also, if you couldn’t already tell, I kind of cleaned out James McHone Jewellery of all their day rings the owner had been collecting for over 20 years! If you ever get a chance to visit his store in Harrisonburg, Virginia, YOU MUST!!

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