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Party into your Moonlight: Amanda Hunt Two Moon Ring #LoveGold

With a lot of fascination recently with the moon, and happenings just like the Blood Moon and Super Moon, 1 could easily claim that it has been the Summertime from the Moon! With one more Super Moon established for September 9th, at some point immediately after my birthday, I’m thrilled to party into your moonlight! A brilliant Moon is a lunar phenomenon the place the moon reaches some extent in its orbit the place it really is closest into the Earth, where it appears even bigger and brighter. There have already been two by now this bridal ring setssummertime, with one particular final one particular below per month away.

There are lots of theories available which try and reveal what it signify and elude to Biblical predication-all of which are extremely fascinating to me. I wanted a ring to commemorate this epic summer months…all of its recollections, the vast majority of my favorites staying beneath the starry sky sterling silver bracelets for womenat night viewing the moon. I’d to search out the proper moon ring!

Amanda Hunt can make jewelry which depicts fantasy, symbolism and the collective unconscious, and its relationship to ourselves. Her ring which consists of two moons in good shape my idea of a aspiration ring, representing an finish to a fantastic summer. The piece is all gold (14k) and it has a hammered, hand-made end. The massive crescent moon curves close to my finger flawlessly, just as if Amanda had my finger at her bench and she produced it tailor made healthy me individually. Not just does it really feel wonderful on, but it includes a bold and edgy search.

Jewellery worn:

14k yellow gold Two Moon ring by Amanda Hunt Jewelry

22k yellow gold navette ring established with lapis, classic personalized finished by Gem Gossip

14k yellow gold blue enamel shield ring, conversion piece restored by Platt Boutique

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